Ultimate High Pressure Air Pump for Boat & Air Bed

GIGA Pump 17

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Automatic Inflation & Deflation Air Mattress for Tesla Model Y

Aerogogo Shield Y

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One Button Self Inflating


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Double Click to Start

The GIGA PUMP 4.0 provides two air pressure settings, ranging from 2.5kPa to 4kPa, and three levels of lighting. Simply double-click to activate, and a single click allows easy switching between different pressures and light intensities

Inflating Ports

Inflating all the air mattress, sleeping pad, swimming rings and inflatable toys

Vacuum Port

Vacuum to save more space for storage.

Portable and Lightweight

GIGA PUMP 4.0 weight only 100g and it is super portable for camping and hiking.

Aerogogo: Redefining Comfort in Everyday Life

The Ultimate Inflatable Bedding Set

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Comprehensive Comfort Package

From the inflatable double bed to a fitted bed-sheet, a plush pillow, and a cozy blanket, everything you need for a restful sleep is neatly packed into a portable carry bag

Built-in Detachable Air Pump

Experience the dual functionality of the detachable pump – a standalone device for both inflation and deflation. One tool, two essential functions, providing you with ultimate flexibility.

Sturdy and Supportive

The inflatable bed, with a pressure of up to 5 kPa, offers exceptional support strength. Its honeycomb-patterned reinforcement enhances the bed's structural integrity, allowing it to bear a weight of up to 500 kg. Even with prolonged use, it does not cause any back or lumbar discomfort.

15 Years


At Aerogogo, our mission for the past 15 years has been to simplify life with advanced inflatable solutions. We've dived deep into every aspect of inflatable technology, constantly learning and growing. Our goal is to become the go-to experts in this field, continually developing and enhancing our knowledge and techniques in inflatable technology. Aerogogo is where innovation meets practicality in the world of inflatables.

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Sustainability: Embrace Versatility, Reduce Waste

One Product, Multiple Uses, For a Greener Tomorrow

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Outdoor & Indoor

Aerogogo pumps effortlessly handle all inflation needs, from backyard lounging, and camping sites to indoor airbed setup and vacuum-sealing storage bags. They're essential for easy, efficient inflating, both outdoors and indoors




5-year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with Aerogogo's 5-year Quality Assurance. By joining our membership program, you'll be entitled to this exclusive service, ensuring worry-free use of our products. We encourage you to become a member and experience the Aerogogo difference

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