Wireless Inflating Master

15 Years

We Only Focus On Aerodynamics

At Aerogogo, our mission for the past 15 years has been to simplify life with advanced inflatable solutions. We've dived deep into every aspect of inflatable technology, constantly learning and growing. Our goal is to become the go-to experts in this field, continually developing and enhancing our knowledge and techniques in inflatable technology. Aerogogo is where innovation meets practicality in the world of inflatables.

Diversification into Home and Outdoor

Aerogogo's influence extends beyond the outdoors into home living, with the development of various indoor-use air pumps, further enriching the product line to include inflatable beds, sofas, and tents, thus broadening the scope of aerodynamics in everyday life.

Launch of Aerogogo Brand

Aerogogo is established, specializing in the development of wireless, portable mini air pumps. Following market feedback on the first generation, the smaller, lighter, and more powerful GIGA PUMP 2.0 is launched.

Innovation in Outdoor Equipment

Fueled by a passion for outdoor camping, the team develops the first lithium battery-powered mini air pump, addressing the market's need for automatic inflation.

Entrepreneurial Expansion in Aerodynamics

Dr. Sun embarks on an entrepreneurial venture, applying his expertise in aerodynamics across various industries. He provides wind tunnel testing and optimization solutions to businesses in sectors such as aerospace, marine propulsion, wind energy, automotive engineering, and turbomachinery.

Foundation and Research Collaboration

Dr. Sun, the founder of Aerogogo, graduates and partners with Dalian University of Technology to advance foundational and applied research in aerodynamics.

Aerogogo High Speed 35W DC Brushed Motor

Aerogogo "Nine-tail” Fan

Multi-point Scattered Airduct

5C High-rate Discharge Lithium Battery

Air Cooling Design & Heat Detector

Aerogogo's Journey to Leadership

Aerogogo is dedicated to innovation and application of air pump technology in outdoor and daily life. Over the years, Aerogogo has become the technology leader in the high-power brushed motor micro air pump industry. The technology of automatic inflation and deflation is widely used in the outdoor camping equipment, self-driving travel, home and indoor scenes.

Aerogogo's Transforming Inflation in Diverse Domains

Aerogogo‘s Revolution in Air Bed

AEREASE Ultimate Self-inflatable Bedding Set

  • Complete Bedding Set
  • Built-in Fast Air Pump
  • Detachable & Rechargeable
  • Sturdy & Supportive
  • On-the-Go Comfort
  • Comfortable and Breathable

Aerogogo‘s Revolution in Tent

AEROTENT - One Button Self Inflating Air Tent

  • Durable air tubes for easy set-up
  • One Click to self inflation
  • Large Cozy Space
  • Modern Unique Appearance