Aerogogo GM2 One Click Auto Inflating Air Mattress

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Size: Single Size

*Air Pump: 5-year Warranty;

*Mattress: 6 Months Warranty;

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A "Tesla" Style in Air Mattress

Release Your Hands with Auto Inflating

One Click to Start

60s Fast Inflation

Up to 14cm Thickness

Great Support without Sinking

Aerogogo 2nd Generation Built-in Air Pump

Equipped with a powerful 50,000 RPM high-speed motor, the Aerogogo 2nd Generation's integrated air pump delivers an impressive 4kPa of high pressure and a flow rate of 225L/min, enabling the air mattress to inflate rapidly in just 1-2 minutes for remarkable efficiency.


14cm Thickness High Support

The Aerogogo GM2 mattress, with its thickness of up to 14cm, can effectively provide sufficient support for the body, isolating it from the damp and cold air on the ground. Its unique stretching structure allows the mattress surface to fully conform to the body's curves, making it very suitable for extended rest without causing back pain or soreness.

300KG Load, Burst-Proof Safety

The mattress employs high-frequency welding technology, achieving 100% sealing effect. Its load capacity reaches up to 150kg for a single person and 300kg for two people. There is no need to worry about the traditional air leakage problem inherent in inflatable mattresses.

IP68 Water-proof

The mattress air pump is IP68 waterproof which can be used directly on the water. No matter on land or water, it will give you the best and most comfortable lying experience.

One Charge for 20 Times Usage

The unique optimized built-in air pump has a 3800mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery that can fully fill the single size air mattress over 20 times and double size mattress 10 times.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Life

Customer Reviews

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Good for camping

Good quality and suitable thickness, Even take ing to camp will not be too heavy. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

C. Cohen
Easy to use, high quality inflatable sleeping pad

I can’t speak to the durability of this pad as we haven’t owned it long enough and we haven’t been camping since we ordered it. However, the construction of the pad, the quality of the fabric and other materials used, and the included instructions lead me to believe it is high quality and will be very durable.

The pad comes inside the bag shown above in Photos 1 and 4. The instructions (see Photo 2) are sewn into the top seam on the inside of the bag. This is a great feature as they’ll never be separated from the pad and bag. The instructions are clear and thorough.

The auto-inflation feature works very well and is quick (see Photo 5). Deflating the pad is also quick (see Photo 6). Contrary to our prior experience with many other camping items, this pad actually fits back into its bag very neatly and easily!

You can also inflate the pad manually through the deflation valve, i.e., if you forget to recharge the battery in the auto-inflate pump.

The pad is thick for a camping type pad. When we tried it, it kept all the adults in the house off the hard floor. When it’s fully inflated, it is very firm. We found that if we didn’t inflate it to 100%, it is more comfortable to lie on.