Aerogogo BS2 One Button Automatic Inflatable Air Sofa

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Color: Blue
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*Air Pump: 5-year Warranty;

*Sofa: 6 Months Warranty

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Instant Comfort, Anywhere.

Experience ultimate comfort with Aerogogo's Inflatable Lounger, featuring an innovative built-in pump for automatic self-inflation. Perfect for camping, beach days, or park lounging, it offers hassle-free setup and unparalleled comfort outdoors.

Built-in Aerogogo 2nd Generation Pump

The Aerogogo Super Fast High-Power Air Pump, equipped with a high-speed 50,000 RPM motor, achieves an inflation speed of 250L/min and a high inflation pressure of up to 4kPa.

Fast Inflating Automatically

Inflate an armchair in just 2 minute and a loveseat in 4 minutes with the simple click of a button. This fully automatic inflation process frees your hands entirely, allowing you to fully enjoy your leisure time.

A Sofa to Take & Use Anywhere

Durable & High-Pressure Resistance

The Aerogogo sofa utilizes high-frequency welding technology for more reliable leak prevention, ensuring the sofa's durability and supporting a weight of up to 300kg.

Washable Double Layer Design

The sofa features a double-layer design with a high-quality 300D 100% polyester outer layer and a high-elasticity PVC inner layer, enhancing weight capacity and allowing for easy machine washing by removing the outer layer.

Ultralight and Portable

The design of Aerogogo sofa is ultralight and foldable to just a backpack size. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor leisure time.

How to Set Up Sofa



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Not only is the self inflating which is a great feature and I've not come across garden furniture that really does this very well but the setup time in this is so convenient, for me that is a very big bonus point of this set.


This couch is a game changer for camping, family events, etc and you can take it anywhere

AC Bushcraft

Their party piece is that they are all self-inflating with built-in rechargeable air pumps! I can see this being perfect for van lifers, luxury campers, and family campouts. Or even just chilling outdoors in the park or on the beach for the day.

Customer Reviews

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charlee white

I purchased the inflatable couch to make life easier and more comfortable at baseball tournaments. The only thing I regret is not purchasing it sooner! It self Inflates in under 4 minutes. I can easily deflate and put it back in its carrying bag in under 7 minutes. It's 9lbs.. so easy to carry in and out. No matter if we have a 2hour day or a 12 hour day at the ball park. This thing has stood up to everything. Did I mention the removable washable cover?! Who cares what the kids spill on it. It's easy clean up! 100% recommend for any sports tournaments, rodeo, camping or just the added seats in the livingroom for movie night.

Outdoors Dream

The auto Inflatable sofa is a dream for outdoor fans It doesn't take much space to carry around and it inflates really fast so you get set up in minutes. this is great for picnics the park/movie nights or even the beach. the sofa is great for 2 adults or maybe more of the little ones. I hope it lasts and looking forward to using it with our kids in our outdoor adventures.

C. Cohen
Nice way to add seating in a flash

I feel like when we have friends and family over, there is never enough seating on the lanai. We have so many camping chairs, lawn chairs, those ugly plastic chairs and they take up a lot of room if you store them. I saw this and thought I’d try it out. It came in its own bag with straps to keep it folded, and then in another plastic zipper bag. It is very easy to “assemble”. Just unfold it, open the valve in the back, and hit the button to inflate. It took just under 4 minutes to inflate, which is awesome! You recharge it with USB. It’s actually pretty comfortable, and we tested the 660 lb limit, lol. Two adult males over 6 feet tall sat on it with no issues. It is long enough that I can sit up and stretch my legs out, which is perfect for sitting outside an reading. This is my new favorite outdoor seating.

Great Product and nice color!

I’ve found the best outdoor patio furniture ever! Inflation is a breeze with the automatic feature, eliminating the need for manual pumping. The deflation valve at the back makes it super convenient to pack away. It’s photogenic, too, looking great in pictures. Both adults and kids can sit on it securely without any wobbling. My friends compliment me on my shopping savvy and how well I match things. I’ll test out features like the detachable and washable functionality after a few more uses.

Super comfy and portable inflatable couch

This inflatable couch is pretty awesome, with its own air pump which i find exceptionally useful. Additionally, It's quite portable and easy to carry around. The blue color looks pretty peaceful. And last time when I used it during a picnic party, my friend accidentally dropped and spilled some BBQ sauce over it, because it is detachable and washable, so it is very easy for me to cleaned and washed it.