Embrace Versatility, Reduce Waste

One Product, Multiple Uses, For a Greener Tomorrow

Every year, more than 57.4 million tons of electronic waste are polluting our environment, and this number continues to rise. Aerogogo is a leading provider of environmental protection technology. Adhering to the principle of multi-purpose use, we aim to expand the range of product applications as much as possible. Our unique motor technology extends the product's lifespan by tenfold, thereby reducing the production of waste in people's lives


10X Lifetime Usage

Aerogogo's unique technology boosts our air pumps' performance, extending their lifespan to ten times that of market competitors. This substantial advantage enables us to confidently offer a lifetime warranty.

Why We Can Make a 10X Lifetime Usage?

Multi-point Scattered Airduct

Aerogogo's unique multi-point air duct structure can directly channel airflow into the motor compartment, effectively cooling the motor.

Dual Winding Motor

The dual-winding motor structure effectively increases the cooling surface area, enhancing its heat dissipation performance.

Custom Carbon Brushes

We utilize custom-made carbon brushes that are highly temperature-resistant and wear-resistant. During motor operation, the wear rate of these carbon brushes is very slow.

What We Do More for the Sustainability

Compact and Recycling Packaging

All our products are packaged using recyclable cardboard packaging, and we have minimized the use of packaging material while ensuring the safe transportation of the products.

Rechargable Lithum Battery

We do not promote the use of disposable products, which is why we use rechargeable and high-quality lithium batteries to power our air pumps.


Once a product becomes damaged for any reason and cannot be repaired, we do not recommend sending the product back to our factory. Shipping over long distances can result in increased carbon emissions. Therefore, we encourage individuals to locate a nearby electronic recycling center to recycle the product, maximizing the recycling of its various components.