Customized CarFridge for Tesla Model Y

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Style: 35L CarFridge
1 Year Warranty

Customize for Tesla Model Y

35L Large Capacity

-4℉ to 50℉ (-20℃ to 10℃)

For Camping and Daily Life

Ultimate Experience for Tesla Model Y

Perfect Fit Trunk Space

Maximize every inch of your Model Y trunk with our tailor-made fridge. Ideal for travel and daily needs, it's the sleek, efficient way to keep things cool on the go.

30-Min Fast Chill

Reach your desired coolness in just 30 minutes with our Tesla Model Y custom fridge. Quick, efficient, and perfect for on-the-go refreshments.

Optimal Cooling with Hollow Design

Our Tesla Model Y fridge features a unique hollow design for enhanced heat dissipation. Experience consistent cooling without the wait, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

-4°F Deep Freeze Capability

Our Tesla Model Y fridge features a high-quality compressor, enabling rapid cooling from 50°F to -4°F. Experience exceptional deep freezing for your food and drinks, tailored for the on-the-go lifestyle.

45mm Thickness

The Fridge can provide better insulation with a 45mm thick layer. It is 50% thicker than consumer-level fridges in the market.

35L Large Capacity

Ample storage for drinks, snacks, and essentials, ideal for every journey.

Smart APP Control

Bluetooth connection to adjust the temperature with one simple tap. 24-hour working with the lowest energy consumption.



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I must say it's actually quite convenient having a fridge in the back of your Tesla in your everyday life, because when we've been down getting ice cream, because we have this beautiful summer weather in Denmark right now, it's so nice you can just go out and put it in the freezer. So it doesn't melt your ice cream on the way home in this beautiful summer weather, that's just awesome. So um yeah I am definitely going to keep this one, it's just so convenient always having a nice cool drink in the back of your Tesla when you need one.

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