GIGA PUMP 4.0 - 3 in 1 Ultimate Air Pump for Outdoor and Indoor Usage

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Aerogogo 2nd Technology

Aerogogo's second-generation technology features a significant upgrade in motor power and optimized airflow structures. This revolutionary transformation enhances the inflation efficiency of the entire air pump by 90%. Despite its notably reduced size and weight, the GP4 achieves an impressive pressure increase up to 4kPa and a flow rate of 220L/min.

Inflation & Deflation, Air Controlling is Never So Easy

Up to 4Kpa Pressure

With its impressive 200L/min flow rate, it inflates a single air mattress in less than 60s. Additionally, its 4kPa pressure ensures the mattress is firm and supportive, providing an ultimate sleeping experience.

Vacuum to Save Space

Its innovative design features forward inflation and reverse suction capabilities. Not only can it efficiently inflate air mattresses, but when reversed, it also rapidly deflates them, making storage a breeze

2 Levels Speed Control

Empower your inflating experience with it's dual pressure settings. Seamlessly toggle between a robust 4kPa and a gentle 2kPa with just a click, tailoring your inflation power to perfection

Ultimate Lantern - Light Up Your Night

Equipped with a brilliant 400lm light, the GP4 boasts three adjustable settings, perfect for illuminating campsite nights as a lantern or lighting your path during nocturnal adventures.

5 Nozzels - Multiple Usage

Super Portable and Lightweight

Weighing in at only 100g, this product is extremely easy to carry and won't add significant weight to your camping gear.

Magnetic Design

GP4 features a built-in magnet on the side, that allows you to easily attach it to metal surfaces, greatly enhancing its convenience as a campsite lantern for illumination

What's the Differiences Between GIGA PUMPS

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Size & Weight

1.9 x 1.7 x 2.3 inch / 3.5 oz

1.6 x 1.6 x 2 inch / 3 oz

2.1 x 2.1 x3.1 inch / 5.3 oz


4.2kPa (0.6 PSI)

3.5kPa(0.5 PSI)

5 kPa(0.73 PSI)

Flow Speed




Light Lumens




Battery Capacity

1365 mAh

1300 mAh

3600 mAh

Customers Feedback


Very powerful 😮

This thing inflates really quick given its tiny size and lasts a very long time... very impressed... so strong in fact it hovers on a flat surface lol and can also stick upside down onto a flat surface as well 🤯. The light is also very bright and lights up everything pretty evenly 👌


Amazing pump

Fills my air pads very quickly. I was curious as to what it could handle so I filled up a 3 man tube. How it does it being so compact is hard to understand. Very pleased.

Ryan W.

Powerful little air pump!

I used this to blow up two large pool floats and it still had battery left. It could easily handle camping needs. If it lasts for a few years it will be a 5 star purchase.

Amazon Customer

Small size and light weight.

I gave it as a gift, to my sister. She’s a backpacker and has been talking about getting a small pump for her air mattress. I can not comment on quality and functionality and ease of use at this time. She hasn’t used it yet.


Surprisingly Good Value

We use this to de/inflate the air mattresses we use while camping. We have (2) 4x72" mattresses. Using the foot pump requires 75-100 manual presses and 3-5 minutes to inflate each. This pump will completely inflate, to whatever level you desire, in about 60 seconds. When it's time to deflat, flip the pump in the opposite direction, acts like a vacuum and is very effective at drawing out air and flattening the mattress. Again, takes 60-90 seconds per. I'd estimate it extracts 95% of the air with little left to manually be forced out as mattress is rolled up.

We need to do some more testing. Battery is good for no-more-than 4 de/inflate cycles (e.g. single-person air mattress). Need to make sure you charge it up after each use. I'd say battery life is a negative but, really, given how small the pump is, that'd be unfair. It does a great job.

Highly recommend.


Really cool!! And tiny.

This is an awesome product. I can't believe I didn't know that it existed for so many years despite frequent camping. I randomly saw it on YouTube and checked Amazon to see if it was actually purchasable. It is!

This is the perfect camping companion. The size is so small that it could fit in a pocket. It inflates my mattress/sleeping pad very quickly.
I have several inflatable things for camping, so this is a major time/energy saver.
One of the mattress I have has a built in foot pump, but it took very long to inflate. I used this little pump in the release valve and the 4inch mattress was inflated in a minute or two, with no physical effort exhausted.

I'm so glad I purchased this, I ordered a second.

Having the light is a plus, although I don't use it very much.

The only thing that could make this better is if there was a ball needle attachment.