Transformable Aerosofa BS5: Inflatable Sofa-Bed with One-Click Setup

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*Air Pump: 5-year Warranty;

*Sofa: 6 Months Warranty

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Transform Your Space, Transform Your Comfort

One Click to Start

4.5 Mins Fast Inflation

Aerosofa inflates quickly and easily with its built-in air pump, filling at 300L/min. In just 4.5 minutes, your sofa is ready—perfect timing to enjoy a cup of coffee!

Aerogogo 5th Generation

Experience the cutting-edge Aerogogo technology in our built-in pump, featuring a powerful 30,000 RPM motor that delivers 3.5kPa of pressure. The built-in 2000mAh battery ensures it works perfectly without needing an external power source.

One for All

It not only inflates and deflates your sofa but also serves as your go-to tool for all inflating needs with its five different nozzles.

Sofa to Bed in a Breeze

Just release the Velcro, lift the arms, and voila! In 5 seconds, your sofa becomes a bed – it's like magic!

Backpack Size

Lightweight and effortless to disassemble, move, and store. With a detachable air pump that folds into a compact, backpack-sized marvel, Aerosofa offers unmatched portability, like carrying your own personal lounge chair wherever you go.

Durable Material

Crafted from plush brushed polyester and rugged PVC, the Aerosofa combines supreme comfort with long-lasting, airtight performance. Its IP68 rating makes it resistant to water splashes and dust particles, ensuring functionality and durability even in challenging conditions

Max 300kg Weight Load

With a weight-bearing capacity of up to 300kg, it's engineered for both safety and endurance. So, you can kick back and relax without worry in the world, knowing that your Aerosofa is built to last.

Ultimate Comfort

Aerosofa adopts the multi-pressure points drop-stitch construction technique- to ensure the perfect balance of support and comfort you need while allowing your pressure points to relax into the sofa. It is soft where you want it and firm where you need it, providing optimal body alignment and comfort.



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This versatility adds significant value for the price, accommodating multiple different use cases. It's a really great option; you can pack it away just as easily as you can set it up, which is one of the key points about the Aerosofa.

Mr. Wild Wales

It's pretty comfy and quite solid. I suppose you could not pump it up as hard and it's a better structure with less chance of popping.

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