GIGA PUMP 2.0 - 3 in 1 Ultra Mini Air Pump

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Mode: GIGA PUMP 2.0
Style: With Light

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Super Portable and Lightweight

Weighing in at only 100g, this product is extremely easy to carry and won't add significant weight to your camping gear.

Up to 4Kpa Pressure

With its impressive 200L/min flow rate, it inflates a single air mattress in less than 60s. Additionally, its 4kPa pressure ensures the mattress is firm and supportive, providing an ultimate sleeping experience.

Vacuum to Save Space

Its innovative design features forward inflation and reverse suction capabilities. Not only can it efficiently inflate air mattresses, but when reversed, it also rapidly deflates them, making storage a breeze

Ultimate Lantern - Light Up Your Night

Equipped with a brilliant 400lm light, the GP4 boasts three adjustable settings, perfect for illuminating campsite nights as a lantern or lighting your path during nocturnal adventures.

5 Nozzels - Multiple Usage

Meet All Your Outdoor and Household Use

What's the Differiences Between GIGA PUMPS

GIGA PUMP 2.0 - 3 in 1 Ultra Mini Air Pump
GIGA PUMP 2.0 - 3 in 1 Ultra Mini Air Pump Sale priceFrom $24.99 USD Regular price$49.00 USD
GIGA PUMP 5.0 - Professional and Portable Air Pump in Outdoor Camping Life
GIGA PUMP 5.0 - Professional and Portable Air Pump in Outdoor Camping Life Sale priceFrom $26.00 USD Regular price$59.99 USD
Size & Weight

1.6 x 1.6 x 2 inch / 3 oz

1.9 x 1.7 x 2.3 inch / 3.5 oz

2.1 x 2.1 x3.1 inch / 5.3 oz


3.5kPa(0.5 PSI)

4.2kPa (0.6 PSI)

5 kPa(0.73 PSI)

Flow Speed




Light Lumens




Battery Capacity

1300 mAh

1365 mAh

3600 mAh

Customer Feedback


This little pump beats any 4-6 times its size!

I love this pump! I bought it for camping air mattresses and inflatable tubes for sledding and river tubing. It works great! It also deflates those same items and those compressible storage bags, and it does it with half the noise in half the time as my pumps that use 4 D-cell batteries! The USB charged pump just keeps on going! I have one for home and one for camping. They fit in the palm of my hand, so the hardest thing is remembering where I tucked them away. Oh, it really lights up, too. You can't go wrong with this purchase!


 Great for traveling.

So small but really is quite powerful and the charge lasts a long time. The addition of the ligth is a nice bonus feature. Would recommend for traveling.


A necessity for backpacking!

Initially, this seemed like a waste of ounces in my pack. However, once getting to camp and using it a few times, its utility became clear.

The pump inflated my sleeping pad and pillow in less than a minute. While a little loud, its not running for long, so that is a minor quibble. Compared to huffing and puffing into my pad for 10 minutes, its an easy trade off.

The light was a boon. Hanging it from the peak of the tent made for an easy, hands-free experience that saved my headlamp batteries for the actual hike.

It worked well in cooler temperatures (around 30 degrees Fahrenheit) and the extra tips were nice. One change lasted through two 3-day trips.

Honest Reviewer

Definitely Nice to Own!!!

I purchased this little pump as I did not want to use the air collection bag to pump up my sleeping pad. I can not for the life of me not understand why there is not a standard value thread on these sleeping pads to use a small lightweight hand held bike pump. Most sporting stores sell them. Seems like a logical solution to not collecting air in a bag. I guess the air bag thing works for most people, but me not so much. It annoys me. So naturally I wanted this little pump. The light on it is super bright in the high setting, and the lower settings seem moderate to use in your tent. I will use the low setting a lot most likely. That alone saved me money of having to buy a tent light. Even though you can find cheap options. The pump it’s self works great. It had my sleeping pad and pillow inflated in about two minutes. The valve attachments did not attach that well to the sleeping pad or pillow I own, and I have to hold it in to insure it inflates all the way. That’s the only down side besides the price. I feel this pump could go for a lot cheaper. $15-20 usd would make me feel better about the price. That’s because I feel the plastic material used to construct this little pump feels like it could crack if dropped on a rock or hard surface. Especially the little nozzle that the valve attachments attach to. With that being said, if you take care of your pump, and don’t drop it, it should be fine. It’s not that fragile, but at the same time not that durable if you know what I mean. Also something worth noting: The vacuum feature helps deflate my sleeping pad too. I can appreciate that feature for what it’s worth. So is this pump worth it? My answer is yes. Would I wanna pay less... my answer is yes. Am I happy with owning it? Yes. I plan to use it a lot. Might even use it to start a camp fire via blowing air at the kindling.

Josh J.

Very impressive

This thing worked like a charm. I was skeptical and didnt think it would work as well as it did. Was impressed with how effective it was in both inflating and deflating. Gonna get another one.

KT from Virginia

Great for traveling, long battery life, we won’t travel without it now

We bought this because we travel with inflatable wedge pillows (helpful if you have heartburn at night). The wedge pillows help us sleep better, but they take a while to blow up if you don’t have a pump. This little battery operated pump was great during our three week trip in Europe. We charged it before we left, and never had to charge it again. We did write directions on how to operate the pump( with a sharpie pen) on the side of the pump— this was very helpful. It has several adapters so it will work with different valve sizes. We give this tiny pump an A+!